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Staffing Connection, Inc. successfully provides employment services to businesses looking for qualified employees. PUT YOUR TRUST IN US. Four different methods are available:

Temporary Service
The business community recognizes this popular method of employment as the “Contingent Workforce.” Companies wanting fill-in help during employee vacations or leave of absences, or wanting extra workers during a “busy season,” use this method of employment. The time span can be one day, one week, one month, or longer. Companies using temporary workers vary greatly. Once they try this method, they readily use it again if the need arises. Many temporary workers enjoy the flexibility of working hours that fit their schedules with new environments, new people and new field areas.

The temporary-to-hire method of employment is very fulfilling for both the employer and the employee. The prospective full-time applicant is an employee of Staffing Connection, Inc. He/She works a period of 520 hours (approximately 13 weeks) for an employer on a probationary basis. Both the employer and the employee have time to ensure the employment situation is right for each, before any long-term commitments are made. The employer is protected from future unemployment costs, and the employee protects his/her employment record, listing only Staffing Connection, Inc. on work history.

Direct Hire
This method of hiring is frequently used with companies looking for post secondary or skilled trade employees. As with temporary and temp-to-hire programs, Staffing Connection, Inc. finds the most qualified applicants, checks references, and tests if applicable; then sends the company only the most qualified candidates. The biggest difference between direct hire method and temporary-to-hire method is the employee is placed on the prospective company’s payroll from day one, without a probationary period, through Staffing Connection, Inc.

Technical Recruiting
Many executives in technical related fields use our technical recruiters to do an effective job search for career choices, advancements, and relocation. SCI Technical Recruiters specialize in fields such as mechanical, electrical, industrial engineers, manufacturing managers, quality assurance specialists, designers, and other highly skilled professionals in the Houston area. If you have questions regarding this service, you can contact our office.

Your Responsibilities/Your Rewards

As an employee we expect you to adhere to the high performance standards that companies expect of their employees:

Some of the benefits Staffing Connection provides for our employees are: